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Vicky Wyer, Robin Dartington and Stephen Boddey outside the offices of Hitchin Initiative.


No member of Churchgate Resurgence PB has been paid for any work connected with Churchgate – we have done this out of love for Hitchin.

Who are Churchgate Resurgence PB?


We're a group of 5 passionate residents with experience of development, calling ourselves Churchgate Resurgence PB (Pro Bono) as we are working unpaid to explore what opportunities would open if, instead of patching up, the building was totally rebuilt. We feel this is a once in a generation chance to develop this key site in the centre of town to benefit Hitchin for generations, building in flexibility to adapt to future changes.

Stephen Boddey, Principal at bbr architects

Vicky Wyer, Landscape Designer at Bowles & Wyer

John Wyer, Director at Bowles & Wyer

Steven Haynes, Property Lawyer

Robin Dartington, Retired Engineer/Project Manager

Why are we doing this?  Initially our aim was to persuade the Council to consider alternatives before committing to a retail-led refurbishment scheme using the existing buildings. Since then our redevelopment ideas have received widespread support from the public, stakeholders, community groups,  Hitchin BID, Councillors, our MP Bim Afolami  and the LEP.  This is possibly the first time in the 36 year history of the redevelopment of Churchgate that such unity has existed. We now wish to ensure that work progresses to establish the feasibility of the Resurgence concepts, and that meaningful consultation is carried out on the options that emerge.

Watch this space for more opportunities to comment on our ideas

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